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We’re five top notch personal injury lawyers dedicated to bringing justice to the citizens of Kelowna in civil suit and personal injury cases. We’ve been doing this work for decades, and we get results.

When you visit with us you’ll be matched with any of the following five lawyers.

E.F. Anthony Merchant Q.C.

E.F. Anthony Merchant, Q.C.


A decorated lawyer with decades of experience, and the founding partner of our firm. Over 1,300 of Anthony's cases have been covered in major law reviews. He's known for important class action suits such as the Sixties Scoop and the missing indiginous women and girls suit. Leaderpost once named him ``the King of Class Action.`` Canada's toughest litigator is here to see to it that every Kelowna client gets justice.


Steven J. Roxborough


The firm's managing partner. He's a member of the British Columbia Law Society and a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. He's passionate about making sure each and every one of his clients justice. He's also an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, where he gives lectures of law and ethics. He's dedicated to his own continuing legal education, which is why he is a subscriber to the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. He's also a current board member of the Canadian Center for Mental Health in Sport. He genuinely cares about people, and it shows.


Satnam S. Aujla


After being called to the bar in 1993, Satnam Aujla went on to successful pursue numerous personal injury cases. He has even successfully argued cases before the Federal Court of Canada. He is a caring lawyer who always keeps his client's best interests front and center. You'll be in excellent hands if you end up working with him.

Joyce Dassonville

Joyce Dassonville


A former nurse and Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal Commissioner, Joyce Dassonville has a background that makes her a true powerhouse in a personal injury courtroom. She began her law career in 1986, which means she has decades of experience in litigation.

Michael R. Troy

Michael R. Troy


Michael Troy has been with ICBC Lawyer of Kelowna since 2001. He's a skilled, hard-nosed litigator and a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. You can trust Michael to look for solutions and to build in-depth strategies for winning even the toughest injury cases.

Donald Outbridge


Executive Director

Donald became the Executive Director of Merchant Law Group LLP starting in 1993, nearly 30 years ago. His experience managing law firms at various levels and in multiple provinces across Canada goes back even further to 1981.



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