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At ICBC Lawyer Kelowna, We work in the way of delivering the possible outcome for our clients. We are providing legal services to people who need it most, particularly those who traditionally have had little or no access to lawyers. We have highly skilled, and trail experienced lawyers in-law area. Our lawyers have years of action and trial experience, which will help successfully resolve your case. Our talented lawyers are skilled at taking care of your claims in the field of personal injury and car accident.


This law firm has grown to be a highly respected accident and injury law firm located in Kelowna, British Columbia. Our office is highly computerized and efficient. Our lawyer works hard to meet the need of clients. We will come to your home, hospital, or other location to reach you if you are not able to come to us. A skilled legal assistant assigned to every case, and we utilize highly trained lawyers to build a strong claim.


Our primary focus is to work for you to receive the foremost outcome, no matter the case or in the field. If any agreement, guidance, or trail service need, our priority always focused on a positive and successful outcome. By hiring a lawyer, we can try to ease the burden on yourself by making everything easy to understand and provide excellent communication and ensure a timely and efficient result.


If you have been harmed or lost a loved one in a car accident, we will work hard to get you everything you legally deserve for your losses. If you are not sure about your case, we can give consultation by our experienced lawyers. We will review your information with you to provide the proper solution to your lawsuit. It will help determine whether you have a case that begin with, or you need a lawyer. If you need to hire or know about our lawyers and firms, you can come to our office situated in Kelowna.


Please Call (250) 385-7777 or email (info@icbclawyerkelowna.com) to us to know about this law firms and our lawyers. You can meet with us for a free, no-obligation consultation and pay us only after you collect.

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Personal Injury

We are with Kelowna clients injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

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Car Accident

Contact us if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accidents at Kelowna .

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We can help you through the ICBC claims process so you can focus on recovering.

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