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Average ICBC Settlement for Rear Ender Collision

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Average ICBC Settlement for Rear Ender Collision

icbc settlement for rear ender

If you file a rear-end accident claim for collision with ICBC, a claims adjuster will check evidence and other issues and determine the actual fault who’s it’s.

Whenever you are on the road with a vehicle, you need to be very careful as accidents do not always happen from the front end. Sometimes, it happens from the rear-ender collision. However, you can claim compensation for that through ICBC.

So, in this article, you will get to know about the average ICBC settlement for rear-ender collision. You also need to know it in detail if you have a car. A lawyer can help you with all these necessary steps that are to be taken to get you compensation.

Keep reading the below information to know why you need a lawyer for ICBC settlement.

Average ICBC Settlement for Rear Ender

Accidents are like guests without invitation. Nobody wants to get injured or die without saying a final goodbye to their loved ones. Or, nobody wants to pay a huge amount of money due to his carelessness.

But as the accidents happen, the defaulter has to pay compensation to the victim. For this procedure, lawyers from both parties are essential as they are expert in calculating the exact amount after considering all the factors.

This process will require less time and cost, whereas going to court can be very lengthy, and the additional cost is also required. In case the defaulter denies to pay compensation, you can definitely seek the help of the court.

Who is The Defaulter in The Rear Ender Collision

In most cases, the rear driver is the defaulter of the accident. However, other vehicles or the lead driver can also be the defaulter. That is why it is essential to determine who is at fault correctly as he has to pay for the damages caused during the accident.

The amount of compensation will be decided depending on how much damage has been caused. Therefore, the faults of the rear driver in the rear-ender collision are as follows:

  • Drunk while driving
  • Breaking the traffic rules
  • Doing other stuff while driving [listening to music, doing makeup, scrolling mobile]
  • Not to maintain the proper distance
  • Riding on a high speed

Moreover, after the defaulter is determined, he has to pay for the following things:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost earnings
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Car repairing cost
  • Survivor costs for unfair death

When it is The Fault of The Lead Driver

It is not true that only the rear driver will be the defaulter on the road while driving the car. For the lead driver, also accidents occur. There are 3 such reasons behind it. Read below to know them in detail.

Unsafe Turn into The Lane

When the lead driver makes an unsafe turn into the lane, he is the main defaulter. The turns can be left turn, right turn, or U-turn.

Unsafe Lane Change

When the lead driver changes the lane suddenly, and due to this, the rear driver hit from behind, the lead driver will be on the defaulter list.

Breaks Suddenly for No Reason

If the lead driver breaks his car suddenly without any reason, he can be at fault. For example, in a high way, if the lead driver drives 70 km/hr and then press the break for no reason, he will indeed get hit by the rear driver.

How Can a Lawyer Help You

During the investigation, the police might say that the rear driver is the main defaulter for the accident as the front car is always hit. But it is not always acceptable, as you have seen in the above description. And to prove this, an expert personal injury lawyer is essential.

He will re-investigate the accident and prove who is the main defaulter. If you or any of your loved ones are injured or killed in such an accident, we invite you to call us at ICBC LAWYER KELOWNA. We can help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and often time punitive damages.

What does a Lawyer Look for to Solve The Case?

Unfortunately, accidents are a common issue that takes place on the road without any invitation. But it becomes severe when the victim is badly injured or dies on the spot. In this case, compensation is a must due to the other’s fault.

You or your family member cannot deal with this matter alone without any consultancy. You must take the help of a senior solicitor who has many years of experience in this field. He will deeply look at the CCTV footage of the road and nearby buildings.

Taking the statement of both the parties is also very important. Moreover, when both the car will be sent for servicing, the real incident will be clear. Your solicitor will gather all this proof and calculate an appropriate amount that will be charged as compensation.

How to Avoid Rear Ender Collision

There are a number of ways to avoid accidents that happen on busy and highway roads. Keeping reading as it is vital to eradicate the accident rate.

  • Do not drive if you are drunk
  • Do not turn your car suddenly without any signal
  • Strictly follow the traffic rules
  • Focus on driving if you are in the driving seat
  • Do not slow down the car in the middle of the driving while you were going on a high speed
  • Do not drive a defective vehicle
  • Look on the other vehicle, obstacles, and pedestrians while driving

The Bottom Line

It is obvious that one party will be the defaulter in an accident, and the other will be the victim. The same in the case of an accident. But the victim or the victim’s family members do not have to be tensed as they are sure to get compensation.

And that is why the above information was about average ICBC settlement for rear-ender collision. If you think that this matter can be settled without a lawyer, then you are absolutely wrong. The opposite party will cheat you with the compensation, and you will not even realize it.

So, you can knock at our door at any moment, and we are always ready to open the door to bring you justice.



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