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Accident Reporting: How to Make an Accident Report in Canada?

How to Make an Accident Report in Canada

Whenever you are in a car accident, you will most likely need to fill out an accident report. Insurance companies ask for them before you can make a claim. Accidents must be reported for office records, and the police may ask you to fill out a report after a car accident. Regardless of the circumstances, you make an accident reporting as clearly and accurately as possible. Some practical tips will help you do it. So, in the next few paragraphs, we will give you a glimpse of how to make an accident report in Canada? What to Do When You Are In...

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Should I Get a Lawyer to Deal with ICBC

Should I Get a Lawyer to Deal with ICBC

Part VII benefits from ICBC covers any treatment expenses, medical bills, and disability payments for accidents that resulted in severe damages. The ICBC compensation amount varies depending on the seriousness of the accidents and severity of the injuries. You must find a lawyer to deal with ICBC, and it will be helpful for you. If you have been involved in an accident, you can file a personal injury compensation claim from ICBC. However, ICBC may not always work in your best interest. You may ask yourself- should I get a lawyer to deal with ICBC? ICBC is a private insurance company. One...

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Kelowna Car Insurance Laws


Kelowna car insurance laws, do you know anything about that? Vehicle insurance policies are protections for cars, trucks, bikes, and other street vehicles. It's essential to utilize is to supply budgetary assurance against any sort of physical harm, real damage, or other related risks coming about from activity collisions and against the risk that might too emerge from episodes in a vehicle. It can moreover be utilized to cover other sorts of street vehicles such as trucks and cruisers. In Canada, the auto insurance industry produces the most noteworthy esteem of net premiums among any type of insurances available in the...

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Settlement with ICBC without a Lawyer


In British Columbia, ICBC tries to settle a car accident victim by giving any amount of compensation and medical benefits. To get these benefits, victims have to report and claim to ICBC going under several steps. If anyone wants, a lawyer can act on his behalf from the first step to last. If the victim thinks that he is capable of driving all steps alone, he can’t hire a lawyer. In that case, you will have to represent all the necessary documents and deal with an insurance adjuster alone. It is tough for a victim to fight for the settlement without...

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