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Personal Injury Claims for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Pedestrian Hit by Car

It is hard to emphasize how serious the incident can be when a pedestrian hit by car. Even before a couple of years, more than 330 pedestrians died in Canada on the spot due to road traffic collisions. But there are also many cases that we are unaware of. Only you or your loved one who had gone through such an incident knows the real pain. So, we are already here to help people facing such harsh circumstances. As an immediate help, we have mentioned all the related terms to a pedestrian accident. You just need to go through to understand every...

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What to do after a Slip and Fall Accident in Canada

Slip and Fall

Whether it is summer or winter, morning or night, slip and fall accident victims come to take medical help daily. It has become one of the basic personal injuries in Canada. Between 2016 and 2017, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported approximately 9,000 patients for such accidents. Most of them caused due to fallen on ice. This might sound normal for the winter season, but the wounds can range from cuts to spinal cord injuries. That means it may cause long term to short term damages. To know more, keep reading and make yourself aware of this because no one knows...

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A Complete Guideline on Personal Injury Insurance Claim Calculator


Personal injury insurance claim calculator has never been so easy. Everyone knows this, and calculating personal injury compensation is no exception. These days, there are many apps like online personal injury insurance claim calculator available. But very few know how those work or what is the formula. For this reason, in this guide, we are ready to inform accident victims of their rights. To prevent insurance companies from continuing to abuse the ignorance of the injured, this is necessary. In the next few minutes, you will know what the insurance company has to pay for your injuries with our exclusive formula and the...

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How is the Personal Injury Amount Calculated?


How to calculate personal injury amount is a very important thing to know. Every personal injury claim is different. The amount of your compensation is dependent on your circumstances and the number of your damages. So, in that case, you have to know how to evaluate all of your medical expenses, lost income, and so on. If you rely on your insurance adjuster’s personal injury calculator for the fair amount of your compensation, surely it is your wrong decision. You will not be able to get a fair amount of compensation. So, if you want to get the highest compensation, you...

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Understanding Personal Injury Damages

Understanding personal injury damages

Personal injuries or damages can be anything ranging from car accidents to slips and falls. Personal injuries and damages can also include cases of medical malpractice where a medical physician does more harm than good, defective product cases, and also certain types of maritime and admiralty. Personal injuries when it comes to compensation by insurance companies do not include any injury that is self-afflicted or injuries that may happen at work. This is because self-injury does not have compensation and injuries you get at work go via the worker's compensation system and thus they have a varied set of rules that...

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