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Should I Get a Lawyer to Deal with ICBC

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Should I Get a Lawyer to Deal with ICBC

Should I Get a Lawyer to Deal with ICBC

Part VII benefits from ICBC covers any treatment expenses, medical bills, and disability payments for accidents that resulted in severe damages. The ICBC compensation amount varies depending on the seriousness of the accidents and severity of the injuries. You must find a lawyer to deal with ICBC, and it will be helpful for you.

If you have been involved in an accident, you can file a personal injury compensation claim from ICBC. However, ICBC may not always work in your best interest. You may ask yourself- should I get a lawyer to deal with ICBC?

ICBC is a private insurance company. One of its key objectives is to minimize the settlement amount. As a result, things may not work out in your best interest. Therefore, it is essential to understand and decide on hiring a lawyer to deal with ICBC adjusters.

Should I Get A Lawyer To Deal with ICBC Or Fight the ICBC Adjustors On My Own?

The simplest answer to this query is hiring and attaining professional legal help in settling ICBC claims. A professional lawyer can be your best option, regardless of the severity and stage of the case.

Several factors can affect your case. They can negatively affect your case, especially when you decide to go on your own. A lawyer can help you in many ways, sometimes unimaginable.

However, things are not always as straightforward. For instance, if your injury is really minor and you may recover very soon, you can negotiate with the ICBC adjuster all by yourself.

Moreover, if you think your compensation claim process will likely be simple, short, and end in a one-way decision, you can acquire fair compensation without a lawyer.

However, fair compensation may not always result in maximum compensation. A lawyer is the best option to acquire the maximum compensation you deserve to after the accident.

An experienced lawyer can work on investigating the incident and acquire evidence from the perfect place. Moreover, the lawyer will assist you in documenting everything.

Nevertheless, you will be charged a bill, which is a low cost considering you are attaining the maximum possible settlement with the lawyer’s help.

Do I Need A Lawyer for My ICBC Claim?

Most law firms will obviously say that you must have lawyer support in ICBC claim cases. You may think that it is their business to call on you and make you hire them. But that is not always the case. It does not matter which law firm or lawyer you may go to, as long as you have a lawyer for your ICBC claim.

A person needs a lawyer who can represent his or her best interest. There are situations when you may choose not to attain lawyer support. However, even in those situations, you may underlook many aspects of the case and lose valuable money.

A lawyer in Canada goes through several years of study and training. That is when they become eligible to fight your case. The lawyers are experienced and serve your best interest. Therefore, you should always hire a lawyer to settle ICBC cases.

The Best Time to Hire A Lawyer

Obtaining initial legal assistance and hiring a lawyer are two very different things. You can always obtain legal advice. However, there are certain times when you should hire a lawyer, and ICBC cases are one of them.

One of the best times to hire a lawyer is when you have been seriously injured. This can be from an accident due to the negligence of another party or person. To attain the maximum compensation from ICBC adjusters, you should hire a lawyer and let the lawyer take charge of negotiating a settlement.

You may also intend to hire a lawyer when your vehicle needs a proper examination of damage and repair. A lawyer can also be employed to gather documents and reports on the incident with accumulating witness statements.

Furthermore, gathering valuable evidence from the scene’s crime and other medical bills can be two crucial reasons for hiring a lawyer in an ICBC claim.

Things A Lawyer Should Do When You Hire to Deal with ICBC

When you are going in a court case with ICBC, one adjuster is responsible to handle your case by the ICBC. The adjuster will fight against you to settle on a minimum amount. On your behalf, the lawyer you hired will fight and try to maximize the settlement value.

As you can realize, the lawyer you hire is extremely crucial in winning the case and getting money from ICBC. Therefore, here are some key activities that your lawyer should do once you hire him or her:

  • First of all, the lawyer should solely act on your behalf and in your best interest. There cannot be any middle ground. Whatever settlement is best for you, the lawyer should attempt to attain that.
  • The lawyer should protect your rights and also advise you to protect your own rights. There are several legal things a lawyer is knowledgeable about. This is one of them.
  • Your lawyer should attempt to acquire a fair settlement from the lawyer’s client’s perspective, which is you. The lawyer should never think of ICBC’s interest.
  • The lawyer should work on your behalf and collect every piece of evidence that produces a strong case for you.
  • Your lawyer has to obtain all the necessary and relevant medical bills from professional doctors. These bills should include a clear and broad statement of the type of injuries.
  • Finally, your lawyer should have the capability, skills, and experience to collect the fair compensation on your behalf and then charge you according to that. A good lawyer should not charge you unnecessary bills.

4 Tips to Deal with ICBC on Your Own

Even though you keep on hearing the importance of hiring a lawyer in dealing with ICBC, circumstances may lead you to fight the case independently. But do not fear! Here are 4 useful tips to remember when dealing with ICBC all on your own:

  1. First and foremost, you should realize at the very beginning that the ICBC and the ICBC adjuster is not your best friend. They will never have your best interest.
  2. Even if the case seems straightforward in your favor, the ICBC adjuster may try to put the fault on your head. So, be aware of that.
  3. As we hear in the movies- anything you say can be used against you in the court. Real-life ICBC cases are exactly that. Any statement and evidence can be used against you to minimize the settlement amount at any cost.
  4. Always remember to very carefully review the offers made by the ICBC adjuster. Sometimes, that is the best possible settlement. Therefore, you should have a complete understanding before jumping into any conclusion.


The answer to your question- should I get a lawyer to deal with ICBC, is pretty much plain insight. Whatever the situation is, always go for legal advice and hire a lawyer. A lawyer may even bring out more money from the compensation claim than you have ever expected.



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