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Tips on How to Deal With an ICBC Adjuster

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Tips on How to Deal With an ICBC Adjuster

ICBC Adjuster

ICBC or Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is one of the most popular insurance companies which proves public services for driving license, car insurance, and relevant issues.

Drivers within the BC areas claim to ICBC while they get injured or faced losses in various accidents. ICBC then makes a thorough review of the claims by an adjuster and grant compensation accordingly. ICBC adjuster makes the difference in your claiming amounts.

But, how to deal with an ICBC adjuster? Learn here.

How to Deal with an ICBC Adjuster?

How to deal with an ICBC adjuster often makes people confused while reporting their claims to ICBC. Because dealing with the ICBC adjuster almost makes it decided whether you will get your claims or not. Here go some tips on how to deal with an ICBC adjuster in the best way:

Carefully Understand Your Claims

Before dealing with an ICBC adjuster, you have to understand your claims carefully because the person who is giving you the service as an adjuster is an employee of the ICBC at first.

So, he will naturally try to do the best things for his company, which means ICBC. He might assure you that he is fighting for your claims and your interest in his words and behaviors. But this is not actually real.

He always works for the company’s interest beneath your face. The first thing you need to do is learn about your own claims and the logic why you are claiming them very clearly.

Another important thing is, ICBC offers mostly two types of claiming opportunities like all other insurance companies. The first one is about charging premiums, and the other one is about avoiding claims related to paying out.

You have to understand which one is suitable for you and ICBC adjuster requirements as well. You can choose either an auto adjuster or an insurance adjuster, depending upon your claims and injuries.

Be Cautious about the Adjuster

After reporting your claims to ICBC, an adjuster will proceed to determine the faults in the accident. If you claim for a car accident, the adjuster will review the proofs, evidence, witnesses, and your claims to determine the actual faults.

As you already know that the adjuster normally works for the company’s benefit, so be cautious about the adjuster. He might make you guilty, either partially or wholly, to reduce the compensation ICBC will have to pay to you.

If he can do this by convincing you, it is totally his and ICBC’s benefits and your loss on the other side. So, be careful while dealing with the adjuster.

ICBC generally gives only 30 days to its adjuster to determine the faults in any reported claims. In your case, if the adjuster finds you out guilty or at least partially liable for the accident, your claiming amounts might get reduced.

But there is an option for you to apply for a reassessment of the adjuster’s determination if you find it unfair. But for all these issues, you must need an experienced lawyer.

Don’t Let Your Adjuster Make You Guilty

In the previous section, you have already learned that an ICBC adjuster can make you guilty while determining faults relevant to your claiming report. So, do not let the adjuster do this at all. The adjuster, for the determination of fault, can visit the place where the accident has happened. He might talk to the locales and the witnesses to justify your claim.

The adjuster also reviews all your recordings and proofs. If he gets any chance, he can make your own evidence against you. So, you must have clear knowledge and logic for all your demands.

For your physical injuries, the adjuster might provide you a form to sign up about your medical expenses. You are giving ICBC permission to access all your medical details. For better knowledge and safety, you can learn about the Freedom of Information Act, which deals with a person’s rights and freedoms to learn all the necessary information.

The other thing is that you have the right to claim for reviewing all the information and documents that the adjuster has submitted to ICBC about your accident. Before making the final decision, ICBC is bound to show you all the things if you demand to see them.

Analyze the ICBC Settlement Process Properly

ICBC settlement process is a bit complex system. You might seem the process easy and facile, but it is not that easy to understand. You have to learn and analyze the ICBC settlement process before you dealing with an ICBC adjuster.

In the ICBC settlement process, once you have settled down your claims with ICBC, you are no longer be able to reclaim any further compensation even if you face any emergency. ICBC is not at all bound to give you any more amounts after settlement.

But if ICBC wishes, they can give you extra amounts further. It is optional, though. If you do not know about the settlement issues, you might suffer in the long run.

ICBC adjuster might influence or convince you to settle down your claims with ICBC to avoid future problems. But never agree with him to settle down your ICBC claim.

If you are injured physically, your physical condition may turn out to be worse anytime after settlement. In that case, you have to suffer from medical expenses in which ICBC will have no contribution at all. So, it is wise not to settle down your ICBC claims until you become fully recovered.


So, we conclude here with the most important and beneficial tips on how to deal with an ICBC adjuster. Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot in your case as well.

Some issues of ICBC might seem difficult for you. So the best suggestion for you is to contact an experienced lawyer who will help you in all your steps regarding ICBC claims and the adjuster.



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