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Time Limits in ICBC Claims

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Time Limits in ICBC Claims

Time Limits in ICBC Claims

ICBC provides 24/7 services for the people who get injured and faced property(vehicle and others) damages. You can claim your report to ICBC, and it will ensure your compensation valid and justified to your injuries and damages.

But there is a time limit for making your claims to ICBC. It may vary, though. In the next section of this article, you will know the details about the time limits in ICBC claims and the amounts they pay for your injuries.

Time Limits in ICBC Claims: How Long You Can Take

Time limits in ICBC claims diversify based on the seriousness of the accidents and damages as there are various types of accidents. The amount of compensation also varies a lot. Here go a detailed discussion on the time limits in different ICBC claims:

ICBC Report Claim Time Limit

In case of reporting any claims to ICBC, you must do it as early as possible after the accident happened.

The most preferred time limit for notifying ICBC about your report is within 24 hours or a maximum of 48 hours, which means the day or the next day the accident happened.

ICBC provides 24/7 services to the people to ensure their safety and help in any critical situation. You can make your accident report with the ICBC website easily. They are always available to accept your claims and help you out.

If you are unable to claim your report by yourself to ICBC, you can hire a lawyer specialized in injury cases. The lawyer will work for you and make the ICBC notified on behalf of you.

ICBC provides you the liberality to claim your report either online, by telephone, or by written documents. But this totally depends upon the nature and depth of your accidents and injuries. In most cases, you can notify ICBC about your small injurious accidents online, on their website.

In case of any collisions that happened outside B.C., hit and run accident, windshield and glass damages, etc., you better claim your report over the telephone. It would help you to clarify your problems more accurately.

For these accidents and in some other major cases, you have to claim a report using written documents, and the ICBC time limit to claim such issues is only 30 days from the day the accident happened.

However, you must show sufficient proof supporting your claim to the ICBC within 90 days only, not more than that.

ICBC Injury Claim Time Limit

An injury claim is related to the report claim as a report is claimed when an accident or injury happens. ICBC claim report varies depending upon the seriousness of your injury and damages. For example, suppose you have become injured by a motor vehicle. You obviously need proper medical treatment, which might cost a lot.

Moreover, you might get so much injured that you are unable to join back to work for some days or might be permanent. So, again you are facing a great loss. Suppose you make a report to ICBC about your accident.

In that case, they will notify the governmental agencies and the authoritative bodies about your losses and injuries so that you can get your valid compensation and support. If you get injured due to your workplace and claim report to ICBC, they will try to ensure your help from the insurances related to that workplace.

It has previously been mentioned that if you cannot claim a report or do all the necessary things by yourself, you can hire a professional lawyer. He will take care of all your things related to your injuries. He will report your claim within the time limit to the ICBC and make all the necessary documents prepared.

In case of personal injury, hiring a lawyer is a must because a lawyer can accurately handle all the things maintaining the ICBC time limits. For your convenience, you can take help from a reputed law firm.

They will help you claim your report accurately to ICBC if you live or belong to within their service areas. Moreover, they also help in rehabilitation and repairing your cars and automobiles damaged.

ICBC Claim Settlement Process

As ICBC ensures your compensation for your injuries and damages, they try to settle down your claim as quickly as possible so that they can lessen the cost of the government and the administration as well.

The time you have settled your claim down, ICBC will hardly pay you for your further recovery. Because at the time of settlement, ICBC will provide you a form to sign up, which includes your decision that you are finally done with your compensation from ICBC. And ICBC is no longer bound to give you any further reparations.

In case your injury is severe, and you are not completely okay yet, think twice before signing up for the settlement form provided by ICBC. Otherwise, you have to suffer from physical and financial damages altogether. So, it is wise not to settle down your claim with ICBC until you are completely okay with your physical state.

ICBC will verify your claim whether it is true or false enough to pay compensation after claiming an injury report. If they consider that the injury you are suffering is minor and not that serious, they will pay you up to $5.500.

If your injury turns out severe later, the amount might increase, but if ICBC notices that your injury is recovering quickly and does not face that much wage loss, they will not charge more than $5.500.

The case is different in major injuries. ICBC settlement amounts are awarded based on your damage and injuries. But the important thing is that you should not settle your claim relying on your doctor if s/he says that you might recover within only a few days. Because if your physical condition turns out to be worse after settling down your claim to ICBC, it will make you cost a lot.


So we sum up here with all the necessary information about the time limits in ICBC claims and the settlement amounts as well. The settlement process or the claiming issue might seem difficult to you, but there is nothing to worry about at all.

You just hire a professional personal injury lawyer and go for proper medical treatment for your injuries. The rest will be handled by the lawyer alone.



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