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What is ICBC?

ICBC in full stands for Insurance Corporation of British Colombia. It offers car insurance mostly that is government ran in the province of British Colombia and Canada. It is an insurance one should consider getting to have a sort of security if and when you are involved in a car accident.

For better results, I would recommend hiring an ICBC claim lawyer. For a person residing in Kelowna, British Colombia, for example, you can reach Kelowna ICBC claim lawyers by searching for them on the internet. 

On your web browser, you should type; Kelowna ICBC claims lawyers or review Kelowna ICBC claim lawyers so that you get the results with the lawyer’s reviews. 

An ICBC lawyer will help you if you have been injured whether or not the accident was your fault. The lawyer should thus be conversant with how insurance corporations such as the ICBC work in British Colombia.

Things you should know about your claim

  • As I have mentioned earlier, an ICBC claim lawyer in Kelowna should be the one who represents you when you file a complaint with ICBC. Normally when doing this process, you are offered free legal consultation at the beginning.
  • Most of the time, people are not sure whether they should hire a lawyer because they are usually often concerned about the fees they should have to pay the lawyer. My advice, however, would be that you go and get that lawyer, having a lawyer gives you a chance to get more from your claim. With this, I mean the lawyer will represent you in your request and thus ensure you get out of the court process.
  • You should also know that ICBC adjusters are not on your side. The ICBC Corporation employs them; they do not work for you. I say this point because the adjusters at the beginning usually act like they have what is suitable for you with this. They make the injured feel that they do not require a lawyer as everything is well and good.  
  • Did you know the adjuster was a wolf in sheep’s clothing figuratively speaking? It’s just their job, what they are trained to do. So, in short, hire a lawyer. He/she should then advise you on how to proceed when it comes to your claim. Although every case is different, most of the times, you usually get double the money when you are well represented.
  • Another factor in filing a claim is that, if you hire a lawyer, you can pay his/her fees with a percentage of the money you get from the request. Most injured do not have the money to pay for a lawyer upfront and thus think it is difficult to get one that will represent you well. 

However, with the pay percentage basis, you can hire an experienced lawyer, you can get so that you get an outstanding results. It will also act as motivation for your lawyer as the money you get will equate to the money he/she gets. So what are you waiting for? Search  ICBC accident lawyers Kelowna in Google and get a solution to your claim.