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A slip and fall can cause serious, life altering injuries, especially for elderly people. It’s important to take these cases seriously. Expenses can escalate quickly, and so can the ripple effects of your injuries.

If someone else’s negligence caused your slip and fall, you are likely to have a case under British Columbia law. Let our dedicated and experienced slip and fall lawyers in Kelowna help you fight for you.

How Slip and Fall Cases Work

To win a slip and fall case you must prove three things.

First, you must prove someone was negligent. Typically this would be the owner of the property where you got injured. The property owner has what’s called a “duty of care” to address hazards on their property or to post warnings so people can avoid those hazards. This work must be done in a timely fashion.

Second, you must prove you were injured by this negligence, and third, you must prove that your fall was the direct result of that hazard.

This is harder than it sounds. In fact, property owners have all sorts of defenses they can use to try to avoid responsibility. For example, they can say that they didn’t have enough time to find out about the hazard. They can also say you knew about the hazard and interacted with it anyway, thus becoming responsible for your own accident.

The Third thing, they won’t do is pay up without a fight. The property insurance companies who are responsible for paying these claims will do everything they can do to win. At best, they may present you with a low-ball offer that won’t begin to cover your expenses.

That’s why you need a competent slip and fall lawyer to help you with your case. We can help you negotiate for more money than you’d get on your own, or we can help by pursuing the case in court, presenting the facts of the matter and holding the negligent party accountable.

When is it time to hire a lawyer?

Ideally, you’ll hire a lawyer as soon as you’ve received medical care after your slip and fall. There’s a two year statute of limitations, but waiting makes things harder. Witnesses become impossible to contact, the facts of the case become harder to prove, and evidence can disappear.

If you call right away, we can file your claim and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. This prevents the insurance company from trying to lead you into making statements which can harm your case.

If you’ve already waited a little while all is not lost. We’ve helped thousands of people in a similar situation. Yet if you’ve been waiting you shouldn’t wait a moment longer.

How to Get Started

Call (250) 469-7777  to get started today. We’ll match you with an experienced slip and fall lawyer who will get the facts of your case, answer any questions you might have, and explain the next steps. Don’t worry about providing a retainer: we work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid until you do.



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