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Getting into a collision with a commercial truck is one of the most terrifying experiences you’re ever likely to have. It can also mean life-altering injuries and devastating expenses that must be paid.

ICBC is unlikely to be as helpful as you might hope. In fact, they are likely to do their best to pay only a small fraction of the benefits you need. In addition, there may be other insurance policies and other insurance companies involved. Those companies will fight even harder.

If you’re going to get the compensation you need, then you are going to need help from a qualified truck accident lawyer in Kelowna.

Your ICBC Part 7 Benefits Won’t Be Enough

ICBC Part 7 benefits pay out regardless of who was responsible for the accident. That’s the good news. They’ll pay up to $300,000 in medical costs. They will also pay a disability (lost wage) benefit up to $740 per week or a homemaker benefit of up to $280 per week. In the event that the victim of the crash has died, they also pay modest death benefits.

Unfortunately, the extent of the damages to both your body and your vehicle are likely to be many times what ICBC’s Part 7 benefits will cover. You’ll need to make the damages claim and the tort claim to cover these expenses. Part 7 won’t pay for punitive damages, pain and suffering, or loss of earning capacity.

To do that, you’ll need a truck accident lawyer with specific experience working these sorts of cases.

Truck Cases Are Complex

Why a truck case expert?

Frankly, it’s because these cases are nothing at all like car accident cases.

To win, you need a lawyer with a firm understanding of the National Safety Code. You also need to know about industry conventions in the trucking industry. The events of the accident are only part of the story. In truth, the accident might have started before the truck left the lot: with a truck that was loaded incorrectly, with a driver that was tired or undertrained, or with a company that’s been cutting corners on maintenance.

Finding that evidence isn’t easy.

Meanwhile, the trucking companies will fight you tooth and nail to avoid being held accountable for the accident. Their insurance companies require it. They’re worried about keeping their premiums low. They don’t care about you and your family. They may even try to claim their trucker was an “independent contractor,” meaning the benefits that are available to pay from shrink dramatically.

Don’t let them get away with treating you this way. Don’t go down without a fight. Get help from one of our experienced truck accident lawyers and fight back.

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