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Process of Getting a Claim after Car Accident

car accident claim

Car accidents are a major cause of fatalities mostly on busy roads. An auto accident claim can really change the entire course of your life.

Having car insurance, therefore, protects you from having huge financial losses in the event that you are involved in an accident. Basically, one pays monthly premiums to an insurance company of their choice and in exchange, in the event, you have a car accident, the insurance company should be the one that helps you cover all your losses.

There are basically three types of damages that insurance companies cover when it comes to car accidents. These are; property damages where payment is made when your car is stolen or damaged.

Liability cover where you make payments for bodily or property damage that you have caused to other people. There is also a medical cover where all the medical bills are paid. This includes rehabilitation fees and also sometimes lost wages or funerals, this depends on the insurance company you have registered with.

How much money you pay for premiums depends on the value of the car. In that, a more expensive car will require you to pay more premiums. Whether you own the car or not will also be a factor that will be looked at when determining the premium. The coverage is also another factor that is looked at.

The Process of Getting a Claim or How to Claim Compensation after a Car Accident

First and foremost, you should ensure that you get to safety. Get off the road so that you are not hit by an oncoming car. Also, remove your car from the road if possible, if you can’t, you can just leave it there, and your insurance company should pay for tow truck services. Also, get first aid if you have any injuries whatsoever and go to the hospital.

Know What to do in Car Accident

Call your car accident lawyer; it is necessary for one to call his/her lawyer who will deal with the insurance company on their behalf. The lawyer should give you advice on the steps you should take so that you have positive results when it comes to filing your claim with your insurance company.

As the lawyer represents you, he/she will call your insurance company and notify them you were in an accident. Getting a lawyer is fairly easy, for a person living in Kelowna British Colombia for example, you can ping personal injury lawyers or car accident lawyers in Kelowna and information will be provided on how to contact them.

Call the police. The police act as a neutral third party who will document the accident. This documentation will be used in court as an accident report will be needed.

Gather the other driver’s information and also the police’s information. Once again this info shall be used in court when determining your claim. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Go ahead and file the claim; insurance companies usually provide a 24-hour contact line on the back of their insurance cards. If you have a car accident lawyer, he/she should do the task for you. If you don’t, make sure you call the insurance company and give them all the details. An insurance agent should call you and help you in getting your claim.




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