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Settlement with ICBC without a Lawyer

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Settlement with ICBC without a Lawyer


In British Columbia, ICBC tries to settle a car accident victim by giving any amount of compensation and medical benefits. To get these benefits, victims have to report and claim to ICBC going under several steps. If anyone wants, a lawyer can act on his behalf from the first step to last.

If the victim thinks that he is capable of driving all steps alone, he can’t hire a lawyer. In that case, you will have to represent all the necessary documents and deal with an insurance adjuster alone. It is tough for a victim to fight for the settlement without any experience’s help because general people are not experienced in these matters.

Have Any Need of a Lawyer

If you ask that is there any need to hire an ICBC lawyer in Kelowna? The simple answer is no. It is not crucial for hiring a lawyer to negotiate with ICBC on your behalf. Also, you should know that ICBC tries to provide you the minimum settlement. ICBC can offer you an unfair agreement which is not enough for covering your losses.

The main goal of ICBC is to minimize your compensation amount as possible they can. The insurance adjuster work to save money for ICBC, not for you. The adjuster negotiates to settle you with a minimum amount. You will have to fight for fair compensation alone.

It is a long journey. Sometimes it’s challenging to pass this long journey successfully. You might not be experienced with all related legal issues. There is a need for an experienced lawyer who had dealt with this type of negotiation successfully before considering all matters.

Benefits of Having a Lawyer

Generally, a lawyer is a skilled and experienced person who knows each little thing about this negotiation issue. He knows the tactics of how to handle and win these settlement cases. Because he has previous successful experience. He has the competency in these matters.

  • A lawyer is a perfect person to advise you on how to make ready all necessary documents. He will help you to claim through a written form to ICBC. He will represent all reports, records, documents, and required things on your behalf.
  • A lawyer can accomplish all works following the legal rules. Because obviously, he has better knowledge about rules and regulations better than the general ones.
  • The lawyer will do all things step by step without giving you any pressure. They stand beside you during your difficult time. They even negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf and try to win a fair and acceptable compensation amount. It’s tough for any victim to represent himself and negotiate with the adjuster to maintain the legal issues.
  • The wise ones will decide to hire a lawyer to get the right compensation amount. They will drive the settlement steps with the help of the lawyer. As the adjuster doesn’t have the interest to settle you with the right amount of award, your lawyer shows all the valued documents and negotiates for you.
  • A lawyer makes your path easy in the settlement issues. Without a lawyer, things become hard as you don’t have anyone to support your side during negotiation. ICBC is a big corporation that knows all the tricks to defeat you.

Final Words

If you think you are capable of fighting with ICBC alone, you can do without a lawyer’s help. But it’s better to hire a lawyer to support you and fight on your behalf. Because it’s not an easy task. It’s about regulation basis and tricky works. A lawyer is used to these tricks and negotiation.



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