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Best Ways to Maximize ICBC Settlements: Tips and Advices

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Best Ways to Maximize ICBC Settlements: Tips and Advices

Best Ways to Maximize ICBC Settlements: Tips and Advices

If you are ever hurt in a car accident, you need to know about ICBC claims settlements tips advice. Moreover, it is not very late as you can claim for it even up to 2 years of the accident. But it will always be better to claim within 24 to 48 hours after the accident.

After assessing your injury and all the other details like loss wages, you will get compensation. But do not forget to contact an expert lawyer who will help you minimize your pain and suffering.

Have some time to go through the article and help yourself or your friends.

Types of Accident

There are different types of accidents that are occurring every day. But all of them indeed do not fall under the ICBC claim. Therefore, here are some kinds of accidents to get compensation from the ICBC or the defaulter.

  1. Rear ender collision
  2. Pedestrian accidents
  3. Cycling accidents
  4. Hit and run accidents

9 Best Ways to Maximize ICBC Settlements

If you or your loved one are victim to an accident and severely injured, you are sure to get compensation. The calculation to complete this procedure is not hard at all if you have all the documents. However, below are 9 effective ways that a victim needs to follow to get the maximum compensation amount.

1. Gathering Adequate Evidence

It will not be a wise decision to leave the place of your accident without collecting any evidence. This is because the evidence is the proof to prove your innocence and the opposite person’s fault. So, you can note down the name of the place and the exact time of the accident.

If you are badly injured, take the help of the person with you. Moreover, some other pieces of evidence are pictures of your wound place on the spot, the car’s number plate of the defaulter, information of the driver, and others that you feel necessary.

2. Taking Information of The Witnesses

Witnesses play a vital role in any type of accident. Only the evidence mentioned above cannot make your claim strong enough. You will surely need 2 to 3 people who can say that the accident was real and you are the victim.

Therefore, take the information like name, number, and address who want to stand by your side.

3. Calling The Police Immediately

As this matter deals with an accident, police need to be called immediately to take action. Moreover, here the police will also be a witness of the accident. If you want, you can instantly file the case to make it stronger and get a copy of that.

4. Taking Medical Treatment

As you are injured, you need to take the necessary treatments as early as possible. Do not underestimate thinking it to be a minor injury. This is because, from the minor pains, significant damages occur.

Moreover, visiting the doctor and getting the prescription can be definite proof that you were injured.

5. Visiting The Doctor According to The Appointments

Do not skip the appointments of the doctor. You need to become fit again to claim for your injury. Moreover, as the doctor writes about the patient’s condition on the prescription, it will determine your injury’s seriousness. And depending on that, you will get your compensation for pain and suffering.

6. Keeping All The Receipts

You were not supposed to pay the hospital’s bills due to the other person’s fault. But do not worry, as after clearing accounts, you will get all those money along with some additional money from the defaulter. Get a file where all the receipts of your hospital bill, doctor’s bill, medicine bills will be secured. Then after evaluating those, you will get a standard amount of money.

7. Not Posting Everything on Social Media

Social media like “Facebook,” “Instagram,” ” Twitter,” and others can ruin your case easily if you post your healthy and fit photos after an accident. Moreover, it is also a part of the investigation. Your opposite party’s lawyer will indeed like to check all those information according to the dates so that his client does not have to pay you the compensation.

Therefore, it would be better to stop posting about your health condition until you get the full compensation.

8. Not to Say “Yes”

You should not say “yes” very quickly once the ICBC tells an amount for your compensation. Remember, they will always try to close the case within a minimal settlement. But you need to get the right amount of money for your pain and suffering and if you are unable to work for an extended amount of time. Once you say “yes,” then there is no way to maximize your settlement amount.

9. Get in Touch with a Lawyer

It will help if you get in touch with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer deals with such issues every day as it is their profession. Moreover, the cops might not do the investigation properly. But a lawyer will never run out of his duty.

He will visit the spot, check the CCTV footage, examine the vehicle, interrogate the witnesses and defaulter, and complete other professional work.

ICBC Claims Settlements Tips Advice

Some rear people of any definite country they live in are aware of all law and order appropriately—the same while doing an ICBC settlement. Here are some tips and advice that you need to follow as a victim during the settlement.

  1. Wait till you get fully recover
  2. Focus on the nature and the seriousness of the injury
  3. Tell about the loss of wages
  4. Mention the difficulties related to taxation

How to Settle with ICBC Without a Lawyer

Many victims think of settling the case with ICBC independently without the help of an ICBC lawyer. And the main intention behind this is to save the fees of the lawyer. However, the victim does not understand that the ICBC will like to settle the case by paying them a minimal amount of money.

Moreover, suppose you still want to do the work done by yourself. In that case, you need to have enough knowledge like an experienced lawyer does, run with all the documents to get the right compensation, and many other related things. So, it is better to contact a lawyer to make a hassle-free settlement.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, an accident occurs due to the fault of a party. Moreover, then the victim needs to go through some essential steps that will help him to get compensation from the defaulter. One of the best ways to receive the right amount of payment is through an experienced lawyer.

Therefore, carefully read the ICBC claims settlements tips advice stated above before sitting going to the meeting room.



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