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Understanding Personal Injury Damages

Understanding personal injury damages

Personal injuries or damages can be anything ranging from car accidents to slips and falls. Personal injuries and damages can also include cases of medical malpractice where a medical physician does more harm than good, defective product cases, and also certain types of maritime and admiralty.

Personal injuries when it comes to compensation by insurance companies do not include any injury that is self-afflicted or injuries that may happen at work. This is because self-injury does not have compensation and injuries you get at work go via the worker’s compensation system and thus they have a varied set of rules that apply to them.

Let Know The Understanding Personal Injury Damages

When it comes to insurance companies, personal injuries are mainly grouped into three classes these are; medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

It is very rare that you will find a case that goes outside of these clauses. It is, therefore, necessary for one to get a personal injury lawyer who will help the injury to get the deserving compensation from his/her insurance company.

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Medical Bills Cover

Within this clause, the past and future medical bills are considered. The past medical bills may vary depending on the state you live in. For some states, it involves the full amount of money billed by your medical provider while in other states, it is the full amount of money paid by whoever paid the bill.

The future medical bills are dependent on how a certain doctor records whether you will need future treatment. If the doctor tells you that you need further treatment but does not give the specific details for example the date, it may not be viable in a court case as it is just speculative.

However, if you need specific treatment on a specific day recorded by the doctor, you are more likely to be compensated for the general damages.

Lost Wages

Like medical bills, loss of wages also comes in two forms. This is past and future. For the past damages, it is easy to calculate as it will be the amount you have missed out of your paycheck during any vacation or sick time.

For future damages, it involves loss of any future earning capacity. It is very complicated to get this amount and usually involves your personal injury lawyer collaborating with different professionals such as a vocational specialist or an economist.

These special damages include any physical or mental suffering caused by the injury. Loss of consortium is the loss of services and household support and affection of spouse or of a child.

Lack of consortium and pain and suffering are very difficult to quantify typically because the jury and judge will have different answers to the same set of facts when determining what they are worth.

SO as to get the finest for your buck, it is necessary to have a personal injury or ICBC lawyer that can represent you in court. If you live in Kelowna, for example, there are a lot of good personal or damage injury lawyers in Kelowna that you can find. A lawyer will help you in getting the proper compensation thus minimize the losses you get due to the injury.




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